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Dr. Deep Khare Director & Principal

Dr. Deep Khare, PhD in Physics, MSc. M.Ed. and MBA is a thorough academician with 32 years of experience in School education. He has embarked upon many roles and responsibilities throughout his professional career and proved his mettle in every assignment. With core competencies in academic leadership, teaching, mentorship and holistic education, Dr. Khare is committed to transforming the experience of all stakeholders of the school to create lifelong learners, who learn from life, for life.

Prof. R.C.Mishra, M.Tech, B.Tech (Mechanical) from IIT Kharagpur, holds an exemplary academic record. Passionate about teaching, Prof. Mishra quit his lucrative corporate job and started RCM Physics, a coaching centre for NEET and IIT-JEE aspirants, garnering huge popularity among students due to his unparalleled teaching skills, thus earning himself a coveted title as RCM Sir. Prof. Mishra brings on board, his coaching expertise and teaching experience to drive result-oriented performance and redefine academic excellence.

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Prof. R.C.Mishra Director, Academics

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Ayesha Baig Director & Head of Primary School

Ms Ayesha Baig, M.A in Education Management has 28 years of rich experience in pre- school education. She has an excellent career graph and many prestigious certifications to her credit. Having served as the academic head of various institutions in her previous roles, Ayesha comes with the commitment and expertise to groom the teachers to impact transformation of the young minds.

Dr. Rabindra Nath Pati, Ph.D in Anthropology is a social scientist of international repute. He has 30 years of research experience in various projects related to Biodiversity, Conservation and Local Knowledge System. Dr. Pati is a respected name in the academic circuit and has taught students in Indian universities and abroad. Besides, he has authored many books, published various articles and directed multiple research projects.

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Dr. Rabindra Nath Pati Director, International Academic Advisor

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Ms. Jessica Patnaik Director, Outreach Program

Ms. Jessica Patnaik, BA in Fine Arts and certified Global Career Counsellor is one of the most dynamic members on board. A trained educator, well-versed in cross curricular projects, Jessica has the experience and competence to make a school truly global in nature by developing and implementing various national and international outreach strategies. She oversees the execution of large-scale outreach programmes including educational initiatives which benefit individuals across diverse regions.

Dr. Manoranjan Mishra, Ph.D in Adolescent Education in Schools, comes with an impeccable academic and professional track record. With a career spanning over 3 decades in various government departments at state and national level, Dr. Mishra has core competencies like Programme Management, Social Entrepreneurship Development and Training. He is well- read, widely travelled and has been honoured with many national and international awards.

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Dr. Manoranjan Mishra Director, International Relations

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Prafulla Kumar Satapathy Director, Marketing and Publicity

Mr. Prafulla Kumar Satapathy, PGDM in Marketing Management is a highly motivated and zealous leader who drives growth and results. An accomplished professional with 30 years of extensive experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Brand Management, Cost Management, HR and IT, Mr. Satapathy has previously led many multi-national companies in India and GCC countries in the capacities of CEO, Country Head and Profit Centre Head.

Mr. Satchidananda Tripathy, a B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering is a specialist in structural designing and product development. He has extensively worked in the Aeronautics sector and comes with the skill-set to develop and manage robust business models across various verticals through successful business system integration. A life member of Aeronautical Society of India, he is also an advisor to many technical institutes and universities.

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Mr. Sachidananda Tripathy Director, Research & Development

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