A CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School

Affiliation No - 1530418, Nursery - XII (All Streams)

7:15 AM


The life of a day boarder starts with his journey to KTGS through our exclusive transportation service. They should reach the institution by 7:15 AM.

7:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Breakfast & Morning Assembly

By 7:30 AM, they are ready for breakfast in the dining hall, and the house tutors will escort them towards the academic meeting point, where they will have their morning assembly at 8:00 AM. It comprises general awareness and talks regarding science, arts, and humanities by experts and students.

8:30 AM

Classes Time

By 8:30 AM, the classes will commence. The curated curriculum explores the academic and competitive realms and it covers up to 4:00 PM.

12.35 PM - 01.05 PM

Lunch Time

At 12:35 PM, the students have their lunch break. They head towards the canteen where they are served with fresh and hot food.

4.15 PM

Physical Education Training and Mental Wellness

We are bound to provide an equal amount of care to the boarders as well. Therefore, there will be physical education training and mental wellness sessions for day boarders also.

4.45 PM


By 4:45 PM, their transportation will arrive, and the students are permitted to leave.

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