A CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School

Affiliation No - 1530418, Nursery - XII (All Streams)

Science, Humanities and Commerce


A CBSE Affiliated Senior Secondary School

Affiliation No - 1530418, Nursery - XII (All Streams)

Science, Humanities and Commerce


The session begins in the month of April for grades Nursery to VIII. Admission to the school is accessible to all boys and girls aged 3 to 16, regardless of religion, caste, or nationality. Registration is required initially; registered applicants will take a written test in January/February. The written test will be based on the syllabus of the child's current class. Following the completion of the written exam, the parents and child will meet with the Principal. Following that, the chosen candidates will get a letter of admission. Documents must be provided at the time of review, followed by the payment of fees.
Note: Announcement of dates and the curriculum will be posted on the website.

Clay Modeling : Using clay to think and form one's imagination.
Dance : The pupils study numerous dance types and dance to their hearts' pleasure.
Music : Music is not viewed as a separate topic at KTGS, but is integrated into the curriculum and is a vital part of every student's life.
Art and Craft : Students are introduced to many forms of art and craft in order to explore their creative side.
Nature : Students strive to ensure that the campus's flora and trees are carefully safeguarded.
Robotics & MakersSpace Club: The Robotics Club encourages students to compete in robotics contests during Technical Fests. KTGS's MakersSpace Club aims to raise interest and awareness in the fields of astronomy and space research.
Yoga : Yoga classes are scheduled at regular intervals for students. Yoga provides students with a solid foundation and helps them create a healthy personality.
Gym : An hour of physical activity each school day encourages students to stay active, burning calories, building muscle, and working off stress.

KT Global School provides an unprecedented and world-class sports facilities such as Tennis (an in-house academy aided by a national level tennis court), Pool (where regular classes for students are held to help them focus and improve concentration), Skating arena, Cycling, Cricket with Practising Net (Net-practice is held daily under the watchful eye of the cricket coach), Table Tennis, Chess, and many more. Students are coached by professional coaches and personnel that have been hand-picked to assist students in improving abilities.

We serve only healthy, vegetarian meals. Expert dieticians and chefs plan the cuisine with the child's health and growth in mind. You are invited to join us for a meal and experience it for yourself.

KT Global School is a contemporary school with traditional ideals and traditions, as well as modern buildings, infrastructure, international sports facilities, and other amenities. We have a "Student Council" idea in which meetings are scheduled with the teaching staff and principal, and regulations are developed with everyone's approval. KTGS is an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that focuses on the child's whole development. KTGS enables students to achieve well-rounded academic greatness by providing cutting-edge learning facilities. KT Global School acknowledges that, in addition to academics, excellent learning is about enjoying the experience of life as a whole through the arts, athletics, outreach, and much more.

KT Global School separates its boarding rooms for boys and girls. Each room can accommodate four students and has an individual bed with storage space, a cabinet, a study table, a book rack, and a personal soft board for pin ups. Large windows in each room let in natural light while also allowing students to appreciate the nature outside. The hostel's washrooms and bathing rooms are eco friendly on each floor.
Helpers on duty keep the place clean around the clock. Along with the tutors, the House Master and House Mother tend for the emotional and intellectual needs of the students. To meet the laundry needs of the boarders, the laundry is well-equipped with contemporary washers, dryers, and ironing equipment. The goods and provisions given are personal and not shared.

Security guards are located at all the entrance & exit of the school & hostel premises, 24x7. All communal areas on and around the school campus, including extracurricular and sports facilities, will be under 24-hour CCTV monitoring and overseen by the security head. Junior and female students will have lady caretakers in their hostels and would be monitored by wardens. The principal and the majority of the professors and instructors reside on campus and are always available to students.

We convey the child's monthly academic achievement to parents by e-mail and postal mail. Parents are also welcome to speak with the Director of Academics/Principal about their children's academics. If the parents wish to see the teachers, they can do so with a prior appointment.

We have a fantastic team of enthusiastic teachers and support staff who are dedicated to upholding our high standards in all areas of learning. Experienced instructors from across the country are chosen to guarantee that your child receives the best education possible.

The education city, of which KTGS is a part, spans around 15 acres. There are various sports fields on campus, which are intermingled with grassy knolls, lovely gardens, and tree-lined pathways. All of the school's facilities are within easy walking distance, owing to thoughtful planning. In addition, the school has two separate boarding houses ,one for boys and one for girls, an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500+, an air-conditioned digital library, a reference library, state-of-the-art science laboratories, a computer lab, gymnasium, ATM, Play grounds, Guest House, cafeteria, special labs for Maths practicals, two dining blocks, and an open air amphitheatre.

Yes, we do arrange pickup and drop-off service up to a certain point in order to make our parents' lives easier.

The student-teacher ratio of Kidergarten is 10:5.

The student-teacher ratio of Secondary School is 10:5.
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