Safety & Wellbeing

Safety & wellbeing

Safety and well-being are important at school because schools play a vital role in assisting children in making good lifestyle choices and understanding the impact of those decisions on their health and well-being.Childhood and adolescence are key developmental stages in the formation of long-term attitudes about personal well-being and lifestyle choices. Young people develop social and emotional skills, information, and behaviours in the classroom that help them build resilience and set the pattern for how they will manage their physical and mental health throughout their lives.

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Student's Safety

School safety relates to schools and school-related activities in which pupils are protected against violence, bullying, and harassment, as well as the effects of substance abuse. All children are protected in safe schools from violence, weapons and threats, theft, bullying and harassment, the sale or use of illegal substances on school premises, and other crises. Emotional and physical safety at school, in particular, are linked to academic achievement. At the same time, students who are subjected to physical or mental harassment, or who sell or use illicit substances on school premises, are at risk of low attendance, course failure, and school dropout.

Wellness and Counselling Sessions

The wellness and counselling professionals are part of a team that provides a network of support for all of our students as part of KT Global School's commitment to building a culture of caring and wellbeing. Our commitment includes providing children with a network of trustworthy individuals to whom they can turn if necessary.
Our skilled counsellors promote kids' social-emotional development in developmentally appropriate ways by using a carefully studied blend of preventive and responsive techniques. This involves collaborating with parents and families in times of individual or collective need, as well as devising approaches to welfare and safeguarding with staff.

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