KTGS-life skill development

Life skill development

Your child should learn more than just the theoretical approaches studied in the books. Self- improvement is the key, life skills are an important set of skills to incorporate into their daily routine.

KTGS-promoting activity

Promoting Activities:

For life skills development, we facilitate various activities, sports, and games. It promotes improved health, increased fitness, socializing, a structured environment, and lets students have fun.

KTGS-Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

Learning Leadership and Interpersonal Skills:

We believe each kid has leadership potential. At schools, we take the students out of the daily grind and help them volunteer to make a significant impact on their communication skills.

KTGS-Developing Imagination and Creativity

Developing Imagination and Creativity:

Imagination and creativity are two valuable qualities that should be nurtured from an early age. With these, kids can explore new ideas and plan and test solutions.

ependent Thinking

Independent Thinking:

Outside home, students need to act on their own. They do not have their parents with them to guide and protect them. So, students should make an effort and respond to the situations using their cognitive abilities, fostering the quality of independence in them.

KTGS-Family Life

Family Life:

As children attend school, we offer their parents to stay with their children inside the campus. This lets the kid learn in the school environment with the teachers and fellow students while feeling at home.

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