Learning 360°

We follow learning 360°, in which we make sure to negotiate the complexities of learning with intellectual transformation. Evidence gathering happens when we are still unfolding the learning. With this, we help to make comprehensive instructions. In addition, we also include various performance projects and tasks, traditional tests and quizzes, make dialogs, and conclude observations to reflect on their learning.

Our comprehensive learning system supports:

  • Academic, behavioral, emotional, social, and physical competencies
  • Engaging school environment
  • Engagement and re-engagement of the learners
  • Reduce barriers such as behavioral health concerns, intolerance, and poverty

KT Global School fully integrates instruction and curriculum to diligently follow the professional development of the learners. We have been taking pedagogical approaches to provide greater insight into different teaching styles in the classroom. Shaped by the experiences of the teachers, our goal is to impart cognitive teaching, letting them gain a deeper grasp of the fundamental information.

Starting from basic comprehension and memorization to complex understanding like creation, evaluation, and analysis, learners can leverage the teaching process with the preferred learning style and learn the way they like. It provides more nuanced understanding and develops higher-order thinking skills.

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