KTGS-academic ecosystem

Academic Eco-System

Deliberate growth mindset and practice can be blended to offer the students the ability to get past their limits. We believe that when we focus on these qualities and this academic ecosystem, we can help the students have a better understanding with increased levels of motivation and engagement.

We believe there are eight ideal learning conditions:

  • Engrossment:

    To study in an environment that enhances written and spoken language

  • Demonstration:

    The opportunity to understand the different models of spoken and written language in day-to-day life.

  • Engagement:

    Know the true purpose of learning and consider themselves to be capable.

  • Expectation:

    Be in an environment where it can offer proficiency.

  • Ownership:

    Knowing that their learning will help them in every situation.

  • Usability:

    The opportunity and time to make the best use of the skills learned.

  • Exploration:

    The opportunity to learn and explore new concepts through trial and error, while making mistakes to learn.

  • Constructive Feedback:

    Believing in the necessity of constructive feedback to get a better education.

Our ecosystem takes care of these learning conditions to build intellectual transformation with:

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